Rospa Imports | About Us
ROSPA IMPORTS is a registered importer of sports cars from around the world. We offer our clients quality sports cars with uncompromising service from purchase to delivery.
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About Us

Rospa Imports was founded 3 years ago as a result of our love and passion for fast cars and the belief “Dream It… Now Drive It!”

A Brief History

With an inherent passion for exotic and fast cars, Himal was introduced to Japanese sports cars by a client of one of his successful businesses and it was love at first sight. He then set out to find a quality supplier here in SA, a task that proved to be difficult due to the market being very limited and the quality of vehicles nowhere near Himal’s satisfaction.  Eventually, he sourced a reputable company in Japan – and Rospa Imports was born. Their partnership is able to provide clients with services that no other supplier can deliver.


Included in our exceptional service offering are full vehicle inspections, providing our clients with vital feedback with regards to their purchases. We also offer expert repairs, should anything need attention.

Rospa’s Values

We at Rospa Imports strive to understand each of our client’s individual needs and work closely with them in the selection of their cars.


We give our clients the option to choose exactly what they want rather than simply buying any vehicle under that description. We always offer our clients the best advice to ensure that their investments are protected.


Many car companies buy cheap cars and pass them off as good quality vehicles, but our knowledge and personal experience and knowledge in dealing with the various auction houses and dealers from around the world ensure that our clients aren’t being taken for ride.


We pride ourselves in the quality of sports cars that we source and import. We pay close attention to how the market is being used and have fine-tuned the sales process to suit our clients’ needs. Over the years, we have worked closely with all of the relevant government departments to increase our knowledge and understanding of the correct processes and legal requirements to import these sports cars into South Africa.

Value Adds

We are also the first in South Africa to offer finance and insurance options for our clients. As a value added service, we also work closely with the leading tuners and repair shops to ensure our clients are directed to the right people to maintain their investment. We handle the entire process for our clients from the beginning to delivery. All cars are serviced and valeted before delivery.

In A Nut Shell

We understand our clients’ needs from our own personal experience and passion for sports cars. We do what we do for the love of all modes of motorsports. Our dedication and staying power proves that we are here for the long haul to help all of our valued clients to own their dream sports cars!